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Messianic Prophecies

Is Jesus really back there, in the Old Testament? Have the predictions about Jesus been fulfilled by His coming, by His life? Is there any way of showing that Jesus is truly back there?

Jesus as the Messiah, as predicted in the Old Testament, is fundamental to the Christian faith. Believers are convinced that Jesus spoke Truth when He said: John 5:39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. [KJV]

The Jews believe the Messiah would be a Deliverer who would rescue Israel from her enemies and establish Jerusalem as the capital of a world government. Since Jesus did not do this at His first coming, they refuse to believe He is the Messiah, and keep looking for Him to come.

Christians Believe Prophecy About Christ

  • He will be despised and rejected (Is.53:3).
  • He will die for our sin (Is.53:6).
  • He will be “cut off” (die) before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple (Dan.9:24-27).
  • He will live, after He dies (Is.53:10).
  • He will justify many (Is.53:11).
  • He will be a light to the Gentiles (Is.49:6).

Christians believe that these prophecies show the Messiah as suffering, dying and rising from death to provide salvation from sin’s penalty before restoring Israel and ruling the Earth from Jerusalem (the millennium).

I think the following prophecies and their fulfillment should be proof that Jesus is indeed back there in the Old Testament.

O.T. Prophecy and their N.T. Fulfillment

  • Gen.3:15 He would be the “Seed” of a woman Gal.4:4 Gen.12:3; 18:18
  • Promised Seed of Abraham Ac.3:25; Mt.1:1; Lu.3:34; Gal.3:7,8,16
  • Gen.17:19 Promised Seed of Isaac Mt.1:2; Lu.3:34
  • Num.24:17; Gen.28:14 Promised Seed of Jacob Lu.3:34; Mt.1:2
  • Gen.49:10 Descendant from Tribe of Judah Lu.3:33; Mt.1:2-3
  • Is.9:7; 11:1-5; 2 S.7:13 Heir to Throne of David Mt.1:1,6,18-25
  • Mic.5:2 Place of Birth Mt:2:1-6; Lu.2:4-7
  • Dan.9:25 Time of Birth Lu.2:1-7
  • Is.7:14; 11:1-2 Born of a Virgin Mt.1:18-25; Lu.1:26-35
  • Jer.31:15 Massacre of Infants Mt.2:16-18
  • Ho.11:1 Flight to Egypt Mt.2:14-15
  • Is.9:1-2 His Ministry in Galilee Mt.4:12-16
  • Deut.18:15 A Prophet Jn.6:14; Ac.3:22-23
  • Ps.110:4 As a Priest, like Melchizedek Heb.6:20; 5:5-6; 7:1-3, 15-17
  • Is.53:3 Rejected by Jews Jn.1:11; 5:43; Lu.4:29; 17:25; 23:18
  • Is.11:2-4; Ps.45:7 His Characteristics Lu.2:52; 4:18
  • Zec.9:9; Is.62:11 His Triumphal Entry Jn.12:12-14; Mt.21:1-11
  • Ps.41:9 Betrayed by a Friend Mk.14:10, 43-45; Mt.26:14-16
  • Zec.11:12 Sold for 30 Pieces of Silver Mt.26:15; 27:3-10
  • Zec.11:13 Money Bought Potter’s Field Mt.27:3-10; Ac.1:18-19
  • Ps.109:7-8 Judas Replaced Ac.1:16-20 Ps.27:12; 35:11 False Witnesses Accuse Him Mt.26:60-61
  • Is.53:7 Silent When Accused Mt.26:62-63; 27:12-14
  • Ps.50:6 Smitten and Spat Upon Mk.14:65; 15:17; Jn.19:1-3; 18:22
  • Ps.69:4; 109:3-5 Hated Without a Cause Jn.14:23-25
  • Is.53:4-6,12 Suffered In Our Place Mt.8:16-17; Ro.4:25; 1 Co.15:3
  • Is.53:12 Crucified With Sinners Mt.27:38; Mk.15:27-28; Lu.23:33
  • Ps.22:16; Zec.12:10 Hands and Feet Pierced Jn.20:25-27;19:37
  • Ps.22:6-8 Mocked and Insulted Mt.27:39-44; Mk.15:29-32
  • Ps.69:21 Given Gall and Vinegar Jn.19:29; Mt.27:34,48
  • Ps.22:8 Hears Prophecy Mocked Mt.27:43
  • Ps.109:4; Is.53:12 Prays for His Enemies Lu.23:34
  • Zec.12:10 His Side to be Pierced Jn.19:34; Mt.24:30
  • Ps.22:18 Soldiers Cast Lots for His Clothes Mk.15:24; Jn.19:24
  • Ps.34:20; Ex.12:46 None of His Bones Broken Jn.19:33
  • Is.53:9 Buried With the Rich Mt.27:57-60
  • Ps.16:10; Mt.16:21 His Resurrection Mt.28:9; Lu.24:36-48
  • Ps.68:18 His Ascension Lu.24:50-51; Ac.1:9; Ep.4;8

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