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SYMBOLS in the Bible

A symbol is something that stands for or represents another thing. For instance: "cross" is a symbol of Christianity, a wedding ring is a symbol of marriage.

******* All words from [KJV] Bible *******

Abominable branches = Satanís servants Is. 14:19

Abomination of desolation = image Antichrist will set up in Temple during Tribulation Dan.9:27; Mt.24:15

Abrahamís bosom = Heaven Luke 16:22

Abrahamís children = Jews by blood, people of faith, Gentiles by faith Gal.3:7

Advocate = Jesus 1 John 2:1

Alleluia = praise the Lord Rev.19:1,3,4,6

Almighty = God Gen.17:1

Alpha = Jesus Rev.1:8

Amen = Jesus, the Christ Rev.3:14

Ancient of Days = the Lord Dan.7:21

Angel = created supernatural being, good or bad Mat.22:30; 25:41

Angel of God = special angel, or preincarnate Christ Gen.16:7

Angel of light = the devil 2 Co.11:14

Antichrist = Satanís counterpart for Christ, worldwide ruler during Tribulation 1 John 2:18; 2 John

Anchor = Jesus Heb.6:19

Anointed, the = Christ Jesus Acts 10:38

Anointing, the = the Holy Spirit 1 John 2:27

Apostle = Christ Jesus Heb.3:1

Apple of His Eye = Israel, Jews Zec.2:8

Ariel = Jerusalem, the hearth of God Is.29:1,2,7

Armageddon = last war on Earth Rev.16:16; 19:11-21

Arm of God = salvation Is.53:1

Armor of God = spiritual power Eph.6:11-18

Athlete = believers, the church, the Body of Christ Heb.12:1-2; 2 Tim.2:5

Author = Christ Jesus Heb.12:2

Avenger = Christ Jesus 1 Thes.4:6

Babe = Christ Jesus Luke 2:12,16

Babe = immature believer, baby Christian Heb.5:13

Babylon = false religion Rev.17:5

Backsliding daughter = Israel Jer.49:4

Backsliding heifer = Israel Hos.4:16

Baldness = destruction Jer.47:5

Ball = Israel Is.22:18

Baptism, water = death and resurrection of our old self, compared to

death and resurrection of Christ Ro.6:4

Barn = Heaven Mat.13:30

Barren fig tree = Israel Mat.21:19

Barren women = Israel Is.54:1

Bear = Medio-Persia Dan.7:5

Beast = Antichrist Rev.11:7; 13:1

Beast = nation, power, king Dan.7:3-8

Beelzebub = the devil Mat.12:24

Begotten of the Father = Christ Jesus John 1:14

Beginning = Christ Jesus Rev.21:6

Beginning of the Creation of God = Christ Jesus Rev.3:14

Beguiling unstable souls = false prophets 2 Pet.2:14

Belial = Satan, the wicked, the ungodly, worthless, lawless person, children of Satan 2 Co.6:15

Beloved = Christ Jesus Mt.12:18

Beulah = promised land Is.62:4

Birds (fowls) = Satan and his children Mat.13:4

Bishop = Christ Jesus 1 Pet.2:25

Black horse = famine Rev.6:5

Blemishes = false prophets and teachers 2 Pet.2:13

Blessed = God the Father Mk.14:61

Blind guides = false teachers Mat.23:16

Blood = life. Blood of Christ covers all our sins. Without it

we are dead in Godís eyes Ex.12:13; Lev.17:11

Body = the church, believers Ro.12:4; Eph.4:12

Book of life = assurance of Heaven Rev.21:27

Born again = spiritual rebirth into Godís family John 1:12-13; 3:3-7

Bottomless pit = holding place for demons. Not Hell. Rev.9:1

Bow = Godís Promise of faithfulness Gen.9:13,14,16

Bowels = the inside of our bodies Gen.15:4

Brass = judgment Rev.1:15; 2:18

Brass belly = Greece Dan.2:32

Brass serpent = looking forward to Christ and His work on the cross Num.21:9

Branch = Christ Jesus Zec.6:12

Branches = believers John 15:5

Bread = Christ Jesus John 6:51

Bread of adversity = trouble, hard times Is.30:20

Bread of mourners = unclean, thus rejected by God Hos.9:4

Breaker = Christ the Messiah Mic.2:13

Bread by weight = famine Eze.4:16

Bread of Life = Christ Jesus John 6:35

Breast and arm of silver = Medio-Persia Dan.2:32

Brick = manmade (I can do it myself, pride Gen.11:3; Is.65:3

Brethren = born again believers Acts 6:3

Bride = the true church, born again believers John 3:29; Rev.21:9

Bride of the Lamb = the true church, born again believers Rev.21:9

Bridegroom = Christ Jesus John 3:29; Mat.25:1

Bright and Morning Star = Christ Jesus; Rev.22:16

Brightness of His Glory = Christ Jesus Heb.1:3

Brimstone = judgment Gen.19:24; Rev.21:8

Broken Body = Christ Jesus 1 Co.11:24

Broken branches = Israel Ro.11:17

Bruised reed = dowtrodden people Is.42:3; Mt.12:20

Bruised reed = Egypt 2 K.18:21

Broken cisterns = idolatry Jer.2:13

Brute beasts = false teachers 2 Pet.2:12

Burden = judgment Is.13:1

Burning and shining light = John the Baptist John 5:35

Candlesticks = churches Rev.1:20

Captain of the Lordís host = Christ Jesus Josh.5:14-15

Carpenter = Christ Jesus Mk.6:3

Cedars in Lebanon = Assyrians Eze.31:3

Center of the world, to God = Jerusalem Eze.5:5

Certain people = Israel Est.3:8

Chaff = wicked, evil people, unbelievers Hos.13:3; Mt.3:12

Cherebum = supernatural angelic beings Eze.10:1-21

Chief Shepherd = Christ Jesus 1 Pet.5:4

Chief of nations = Israel Jer.31:7

Chief among ten thousand = Christ Jesus Dan.7:10; Jude 14

Child = Christ Jesus Is.9:6

Child of the woman = Christ Jesus Rev.12:2,5

Children of Abraham = Jews by blood; by faith, anyone born again Gal.3:7

Children of Belial = apostates, evil ones Jud.20:13

Children of the bridechamber = all born again believers Mk.2:19

Children of the day = all born again believers 1 Thes.5:5

Children of the devil = unsaved souls, all unbelievers 1 John 3:10

Children of disobedience = unsaved souls, all unbelievers Eph.2:2; 5:6; Col.3:6

Children of God = all born again believers Gal.3:26

Children of Hell = unsaved souls, all unbelievers Mt.23:15

Children of the Highest = all born again believers Luke 6:35

Children of iniquity = Israel Hos.10:9

Children of the Kingdom = all born again believers Mt.13:38

Children of the Light = all born again believers Luke 16:8

Children of pride = unbelievers, evil ones Job 41:34

Children of the resurrection = believers Luke 20:36

Children of transgression = Israel Is.57:4

Children of whoredoms = Israel Hos.1:2

Children of the wicked one = unbelievers Mt.13:38

Children of the world = unbelievers Luke 16:8

Children of Zion = Israel Joel 2:23

Chimney smoke = Ephraim (Israel) Hos.13:3

Church = born again believers Acts 20:28

City of David = Zion (Jerusalem) 2 Sam.5:7; 1 K.11:43

City of God = Jerusalem Ps.46:4

City of the Great King = Jerusalem Ps.48:2

City of Judah = Jerusalem 2 Chron.25:28

City of the Lord of Hosts = Jerusalem Ps.48:8

City of our God = Jerusalem Ps.48:8

City of righteousness = Jerusalem Is.1:26

City of truth = Jerusalem Zec.8:3

Clay = mankind Is.64:8

Clouds = false teachers 2 Pet.2:17

Clouds = idolatrous Israel Hos.13:3

Cold = denying true Gospel of faith, opposing Godís Word and

Gospel of Christ; liberalism Rev.3:15

Coming One = Christ Jesus John 1:27

Comforter = Holy Spirit of God John 14:26

Commander = Christ Jesus Is.55:4; Luke 8:25

Consolation of Israel = Christ the Messiah Luke 2:25

Corruptible crown = worldly riches, power, fame 1 Co. 9:25

Corrupt tree = Satanís children Mt.7:17

Covenant of the people = Messiah Is.49:8

Cross = Christianity; salvation, victory over Satan and sin Col.1:20

Crowns = power Rev.6:2

Crowns = rewards Jam.1:12; 1 Pet.5:4

Crushing Stone = Christ Jesus Dan.2:34

Cup of consolation = comfort of God Jer.16:7

Cursed children = false teachers 2 Pet.2:14

Darkness = sin, evil, wickedness; the world John 1:5; Eph.5:8

Daughter of Zion = Israel Is.1:8

Day of Christ = Rapture 2 Thes.2:2

Day of darkness = the Great Tribulation Joel 2:2

Day of God = judgment, then eternity 2 Pet.3:12

Day of His coming = Christís Second Coming Mal.3:2

Day of His wrath = the Great Tribulation Rev.6:17

Day of judgment = future punishment, final and eternal 2 Pet.3:7

Day of the Lord = Rapture Is.13:6,9

Day of trouble = the Great Tribulation Eze. 7:7

Day of vengeance = judgment Jer.46:10

Day of visitation = judgment Is.10:3

Day of the wrath of the Lord = the Great Tribulation Eze.7:19

Day Star = Christ Jesus 2 Pet.1:19

Dayspring from on High = Christ Jesus Luke 1:78

Danielís 70 weeks = each week = week of years; 7 years = 1 week Dan.9:25

Dead = unbelievers, those without Christ are spiritually dead Luke 9:60

Degenerate plant = Israel Jer.2:21

Deliverer = Christ Jesus Ro.11:26

Desire of all nations = Christ Jesus, the Messiah Hag.2:7

Desire of the wicked = evil, ungodly acts Ps.112:10

Desire of women = Tammuz (idolatry) Eze.8:14; Dan.11:37

Desolate heritages = promised land Is.49:8

Destroyer of the Gentiles = Babylon Jer.4:7; 27:6

Devouring flame = Godís Word Jer.5:14

Dew, morning = Ephraim (Israel) Hos.13:3

Dogs = Gentiles Mt.15:26-28

Dogs = Judaizers Phil.3:2

Dogs = false teachers 2 Pet.2:22

Dove = Holy Spirit of God John 1:32

Door = Christ Jesus John 10:9

Door of the sheep = Christ Jesus John 10:7

Door of the sheepfold = Christ Jesus John 10:1

Dragnet = sorting out good from bad at the last judgment Mt.13:47-48

Dragon = the devil Rev.12:37

Dross = Israel Eze.22:18

Dry bones = Israel Eze.37:1-2

Dry tree = Jews dead in Christ Luke 25:31

Dry tree = physically handicapped in some way Is.56:3

Dry ground = Israel, fruitless, apostate Is.53:2

Dust = Israel Gen.13:16

Dung = Israel Jer.8:2

Eagle = Deity Ex.19:4

Early dew = Ephraim (10 northern tribes) Hos.13:3

Earnest = Holy Spirit of God 2 Co.1:22; Ep.1:13-14

East = Bible refers to Jerusalem as center of Earth. East is east of Jerusalem Eze.5:5

Egypt = spiritual darkness Is.19:1; Rev.11:8

Elect = Israel Is.45:4

Elect = born again believers, Christís church 1 Pet.1:2

Empty vine = Israel Hos.10:1

Emmanuel = Christ Jesus Mt.1:23

End, the = Christ Jesus Rev.21:6

End of the law = Christ Jesus Ro.10:4

End of this world = time after the Great Tribulation Mt.13:40

End of all things = end of this world as we know it 1 Pet.4:7

End of your faith = eternal life 1 Pet.1:9

Enemies = unbelievers Ro.5:10

Enemies of the cross = unbelievers Phil.3:18

Enemy of all righteousness = the devil Acts 13:10

Enemy of God = unbelievers, friends of the world Jam.4:4

Enemy sower = the devil Mt.13:39

Enemy of the world = born again believers, bearers of Godís Word Gal.4:16

Ephraim = 10 northern tribes of Israel; Ephraim the head Is.7:2

Ephah = wickedness, uncleanness Zec.5:6

Everlasting chains = fallen angels kept in store for judgment Jude 6

Everlasting consolation = eternal comfort only through Christ 2 Thes.2:16

Everlasting covenant = eternal life through Jesusí precious Blood Heb.13:20

Everlasting destruction = eternity in Hell 2 Thes.2:8-9

Everlasting dominion = Christís rule Dan.7:14

Everlasting doors = doors into Heaven Ps.24:7

Everlasting fire = Hell, second death Mt.25:41

Everlasting foundation = those who believe God, the righteous Pro.10:25

Everlasting God = our Almighty God of NO end Ro.16:26

Everlasting Gospel = Good news that Christ gives eternal life Rev.14"6

Everlasting habitations = homes in Heaven Luke 16:9

Everlasting King = Christ Jesus Jer.10:10

Everlasting Kingdom = 1000 year millenial reign and on through eternity Dan.7:27

Everlasting life = eternity in Heaven for born again believers John 3:16,36

Everlasting punishment = Hell Mt.25:46

Excellency of Jacob = Christ the Messiah Am.8:7

Express Image of His Person = Christ Jesus Heb.1:3

Faith = taking God at His Word Deut.32:20; Mt.6:30

Faithful city = Jerusalem Is.1:21

Faithful and True = Christ Jesus Rev.19:11

Faithful Witness = Christ Jesus Rev.1:5

Faithless = unbelievers Mt.17:17

Falling away = apostasy 2 Thes.2:3

Falling Stone = Christ Jesus Dan.2:34

False Prophet = Satanís counterfeit Holy Spirit Rev.16:13; 19:20

Family = born again believers Ep.3:15

Farmer = believer 2 Tim.2:6

Fathers = mature believers 1 John 2:14

Field = world Mt.13:38, 44

Fire = Godís Word Jer.20:9

Fire = Holy Spirit of God Acts 2:3

Fire = Hell, judgment Mt.3:10

Fiery Serpent = Christ Jesus Num.21:8; John 3:14

Fig tree = Israel Hos.9:10; Mat.21:19; 24:32

First = Christ Jesus Is.44:6

First Adam = Adam (and Eve) Gen.1

Firstfruits = Christ Jesus 1 Co.15:20

Firstripe figs = Israel Hos.9:10

Flame of fire = judgment Is.29:6; Rev.1:14

Flame = Hell Luke 16:24

Flaming fire = judgment 2 Thes.1:8

Flesh = carnally minded, of the world, not spiritually minded, not of God Ro.7:5

Flock = born again believers Mt.26:31

Fold = Israel John 10:16

Flood = armies, people Ps.18:4; Ps.93:3-4; Isa.8:7-8; Isa.17:12; Isa.59:19; Jer.6:23; Jer.47:2; Dan.9:26

Followers = believers Eph.5:1

Food = Godís Word Job 23:12; Jer.15:16

Foolishness = the cross and the Gospel to unbelievers 1 Co.1:18

Fool = greedy unbeliever Luke 12:20

Forerunner = Christ Jesus Heb.6:20

Forerunner = John the Baptist at Christís 1st coming John 1:6-8

Forerunner = Elijah at Christís 2nd coming Mal.4:5

Footstool = Earth Mt.5:35

Footstool = Godís enemies Mt.22:44

Foresaken = Israel Is.62:4

Foresaken woman = Israel Is.54:6

Fortress = the Lord 2 Sam.22:2

Foundation = Christ Jesus Is.28:16

Fountain of life = eternal life Ps.36:9

Fountain of water = eternal life Rev.21:6

Fowls = the devil and his children Mt.13:4

Four horses = judgment Rev.6:2-8

Friend of sinners = Christ Jesus Mt.11:19

Frogs = evil spirits Rev.16:13

Fox = Herod Luke 13:32

Friend of the world = unbelievers Jam.4:4

Frost = Breath of God Job 37:10

Fruit = works or deeds, good or bad Mt.7:16

Fruit of lies = sinís harvest Hos.10:13

Fruit of the lips = words spoken Heb.13:15

Full age = mature believers Heb.5:14

Full of eyes = sees all things Rev.4:6

Fuel = Israel Is.9:19; Eze.21:32

Fulness of the Gentiles = Rapture, when Godís quota for Gentiles is filled Ro.11:25

Furnace of fire = Hell, judgment Mt.13:42

Gate of damnation = the broad way, the world, Satanís way Mt.7:13

Gate of the Lord = Christ Jesus Ps.118:20

Gate of salvation = narrow way through Jesus Mt.7:14

Gates of Hell (Hades) = physical death Mt.16:18

Gates of righteousness = access to Heaven for believers Ps.118:19; Is.26:2

Generation, adulterous = unbelievers Mt.12:39

Generation of vipers = Pharisees, Jews, all unbelievers Mt.12:34

Gift of God = Christ Jesus John 4:10

Gift of God = eternal life Ro.6:23

Girdle = Israel Jer.13:1-11

Glassy sea = placid calmness denotes Godís holiness and purity Rev.15:2

Glory of God = Christ Jesus Phil.2:11

Glory of the Lord = Presence of God Ex.16:10

Goats = unbelievers, the unsaved Mt.25:32

God the Creator = sovereign, triune; Father, Son and Holy Spirit Gen.1; Mt.28:19

God of forces = Satan, evil Dan.11:38

Godís enemies = Satan and his children Jam.4:4

Gog = Godís enemies Rev.20:8

Gold = Godís Word, the Bible Ps.19:10

Good Shepherd = Christ Jesus John 10:11

Good seed = Godís children Mt.13:38

Good tree = born again believers Mt.7:17

Grace = Godís love that we do not deserve John 1:17; Eph.2:8

Grain = Israel Am.9:9

Grapes = Israel Hos.9:10

Grapes = unbelievers, the unsaved Rev.14:18

Great city = Jerusalem Rev.21:10

Great day of His wrath = the Great Tribulation Rev.6:17

Great day of the Lord = the Great Tribulation Zep.1:14

Great tribulation = Danielís 70th week Dan.9:27

Green tree (evergreen) = idolatry 1 K.14:23; Eze.6:13

Green Tree (living tree) = Christ Jesus Luke 23:31

Hammer = Godís Word Jer.23:29

Harlot = Israel Jer.2:20

Harlots = ALL religious denominations left on Earth after the Rapture Rev.17:5

Harps = praise to God Rev.5:8

Harvest = end of this world (age) Mt.13:39

Head of gold = Nebuchadnezzar Dan.2:38

Hen = Christ Jesus Mt.23:37

Head of the church = Christ Jesus Col.1:18

Head of the corner = Christ Jesus 1 Pet.2:7

Heads = mountains Rev.17:3

Heir = Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God Heb.1:2

Heirs = born again believers Ro.8:17

Hellfire = judgment Mk.9:47

Helmet = salvation Eph.6:17

Hemlock = poison Am.6:12

Hephzibah = my delight (Israel) Is.62:4

Hidden manna = Christ as the Bread of life Rev.2:17

High hill = idolatry Jer.2:20

High mountain = idolatry Jer.3:6

High places = idolatry Is.36:7

High Priest = Christ Jesus Heb.3:1

Hog (sow) = apostates 2 Pet.2:22

Holy Child = Christ Jesus Acts 4:27

Holy city = Jerusalem Mt.27:53

Holy city = New Jerusalem Rev.21:2

Holy nation = Israel Ex.19:6

Holy One = Christ Jesus Acts 2:27

Holy One of Israel = God Is.43:14

Horse = war Deut.17:16

Horns = power, king, ruler Rev.17:3,12

Honey = Godís Word Ps.19:10

Horn of salvation Christ Jesus Luke 1:69

Hosts = many; armies Jos.10:5

Hot = on fire for the Lord Rev.3:15

House = House of Israel: Ex.40:38; Ps.135:19; Jos.21:45; Jer.3:18; 10:1; 13:11; 23:8; Eze.3:4,17; 12:9; 17:2; 44:6; Amos 9:9; Mat.10:6; 15:24

Household of faith = born again believers Gal.6:10

Household of God = born again believers, which He considers His family Ep.2:19

I AM = Godís Name Ex.3:14

Incense, smoke of = prayers of saints (born again believers) Rev.8:4

Incorruptible crown = all we do for the glory of God 1 Co.9:25

Inheritance = eternal life in Heaven 1 Pet.1:4

Indignation = Godís anger, wrath, judgment Rev.14:10

In Him = safe and secure; saved from Hell John 14:20

In Me = safe and secure; saved from Hell John 14:20

Inward fire = Godís Word Jer.20:9

Inward parts = heart Jer.31:33; Ps.5:9

Jacob = Israel Gen.32:28; Is.43:1

Jacobís trouble = the Great Tribulation Jer.30:4-7

Jerusalem = center of the world to God Eze.5:5

Jesurun = Israel Is.44:2

Joy of the whole Earth = Jerusalem Lam.2:15

Joint heirs with Christ = born again believers Ro.8:17

Judge = Christ Jesus John 5:22

Just, the = born again believers Acts 3:14

Keys = authority Mt.16:19; Rev.1:18

Keys of Hell and death = Christ Jesusí power Rev.1:18

Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven = all born again believers have these keys Mt.16:19

KING OF KINGS = Christ Jesus Rev.19:16

King of Israel = Christ Jesus John 1:49

King of the Jews = Christ Jesus Mt.27:29, 37

King of fierce countenance = Antichrist Dan.8:23

King of peace = Christ Jesus Heb.7:2

Kingdom of priests = Israel Ex.19:6

King of the resurrection = Christ Jesus John 11:25

King of righteousness = Christ Jesus Heb.7:2

King of saints = Christ Jesus Rev.15:3

King of Salem = Melchisedec (Christ Jesus) Heb.7:1-3

Laborers = believers Mt.9:37

Ladder = Christ Jesus Gen.12:28; John 1:51

Lady of Kingdoms = Babylon Is.47:5

Lake of fire = Hell (second death) Rev.20:15

Lamp = Godís Word Ps.119:105; Pro.6:23; 2 Pet.1:19

Lamb = Christ Jesus Rev.5:6

Lamb of God = Christ Jesus John 1:29

Lambs = born again believers John 10:11

Lampstands = churches, believers Rev.1:12, 20

Last, the = the Lord Is. 44:6

Last days = time between Christís 1st and 2nd comings Heb.1:2

Last enemy = death 1 Co.15:26

Last Adam = Christ Jesus 1 Co.15:45

Last time = time in which we are living, in which God is calling out His people 1 John 2:18

Lawgiver = God Is.33:22; Jam.4:12

Least grain = remnant (Israel) Am.9:9

Leaven = always evil, corruption, or false doctrine Mt..16:6, 11-12; Mark 8:15; Luke 1:21; 1 Cor.5:6-8; Gal.5:8-9

Lebanon, cedars of = firm, durable, the righteous Ps.92:12

Legs of iron = Rome Dan.2:33

Leopard = God Hos.13:7

Leopard = Greece Dan.7:6

Liberal = vile, sinful person Is.32:5-8

Life, the = Christ Jesus 1 John 1:2

Light = Christ Jesus John 1:9

Light, angel of = Satan 2 Co.11:14

Light, children of = born again believers John 12:36

Light, armor of = living in Christ Ro.13:12

Light of Israel = God Is.10:17

Light, true = Christ Jesus John 1:9

Light of men = Christ Jesus John 1:4

Light of life = Christ Jesus John 8:12

Light of the world = Christ Jesus John 8:12

Light to the Gentiles = Christ Jesus Is.49:6

Lights = born again believers Mt.5:14; John 12:36

Lightnings = Godís judgments to come Rev. 8:5; 11:19; 16:18

Lily = Israel Hos.14:5

Lily = Christ Jesus Song 2:1

Linen girdle = Jews Jer.13:10

Lion = Christ Jesus Rev.5:5

Lion = God Hos.13:7

Lion = king of Babylon Dan.7:4,17

Lions = Babylon Jer.51:38

Lions = the wicked Ps.34:9

Lionsí whelps = Babylon Jer.51:38

Little flock = born again believers Luke 12:32

Little children = immature Christian believers 1 John 2:1, 12

Little horn = coming Antichrist Dan. 7:8

Living Bread = Christ Jesus John 6:51

Living Water = Holy Spirit John 7:38

Living sacrifices = serving the Lord in your entirety Ro.12:1

Living Tree = Christ Jesus Luke 23:31

Living Stone = Christ Jesus 1 Pet 2:4

Lively stones = believers 1 Pet.2:5

LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, the = Christ Jesus Jer.23:6

LORD OF LORDS = Christ Jesus Rev.19:16

Lordís day = Sunday, day Jesus was resurrected Rev.1:10

Lordís servant = Israel Is.42:19

Lukewarm = middle of the road; not standing for Christ, but donít

want to be called an unbeliever or liberal Rev.3:16

Magog = those against God Rev.20:8

Maker = God Is.54:5

Mammon of unrighteousness = money, riches Luke 16:9

Manna = Christ Jesus John 6:31-35

Man = Christ Jesus John 4:29

Man of sin = Antichrist 2 Thes. 2:3

Mansions = believersí future homes in Heaven John 14:2

Marred clay vessels = Jews Jer.18:4

Marrow and fatness = physical food Ps.63:5

Marriage of the Lamb = joining together of Christ and His church in Heaven Rev.19:7

Marriage supper of the Lamb = taking part in all the glories of Heaven Rev.19:9

Master = Christ Jesus John 13:13

Meal = Truth of Jesus, His Work, His Word Mt.13:33

Meat = Godís Word; deeper things of God Heb.5:12-14

Mediator = Christ Jesus 1 Tim.2:5

Merchant Man = Christ Jesus Mt.13:45

Messiah = Christ Jesus Dan.9:26

Messiah the Prince = Christ Jesus Dan.9:26

Mighty One of Jacob = the Lord Is.49:26

Milk = Godís Word 1 Pet.2:2

Mine arm = salvation Is.51:5

Minister = all believers Eph.3:4-7

Mirror = Godís Word Jam.1:22-25

Moab = those who oppose God, and rebel to the end Is.25:10

Morning cloud = Ephraim (Israel) Hos.13:3

Mother of harlots = world-wide church in Tribulation; all denominations

in apostasy Rev.17:5

Morning Star = Christ Jesus Rev.22:16

Mountain of the Lordís house = temple Is.2:2

My chosen = Israel Is.43:20

My messenger = Israel Is.42:19

My servant = Israel Is.42:19

My shepherd = king Cyrus Is.44:28

My son = Israel Jer.31:20

My well beloved Son = Christ Jesus Mt.3:17

My witnesses = Israel Is.43:1

Mystery = Christ and His church Eph.5:32

Mystery = Godís wisdom 1 Co.2:7-16

Mystery = New Testament church; Body of Christ Ep.3:1-6

Mystery = salvation (a gift) Ep.2:8-9

Mystery = bride of Christ Rev.19:7

Mystery = Godlikeness in man 1 Tim.3:16; John 1:14

Mystery = Israelís blindness Is.6:9-10; Ro.11:25

Mystery = Rapture 1 Thes.4:13-17; John 14:2

Mystery = 7 stars, 7 candlesticks Rev.1:10-14, 20

Mystery = Iniquity 2 Thes.2:3

Mystery = Babylon the Great Rev.17

Mystery = Gospel Ep.6:19

Menstrous woman = Jerusalem Lam.1:17

Nakedness = shame, humiliation Is.47:2-3

Nations = Gentiles Deut.14:2; Zec.14:2

Nazarene = Christ Jesus Mt. 2:23

Net = judgment Mt.13:47

New Jerusalem - eternal home of the church Rev.21:2

New moon = holy day Am.8:5

Noble Vine = Israel Jer.2:21

Not my people = Gentiles Hos.2:23

Olive tree = Israel Ro.11:24

Olive tree, wild = Gentiles Po.11:17

Olive trees, two = Zerubabel and Joshua Zec.4:3

Olive trees, two = witnesses in Great Tribulation (Elijah and Enoch?) Rev.11:4

Omega = Christ Jesus Rev.1:8

One pearl of great price = the church (born again believers) Mt.13:46

Only begotten Son = Christ Jesus John 3:16

Other sheep = Gentiles John 10:16

Overcomer = born again believer 1 John 5:5

Overspreading of abomination = Great Tribulation Dan. 9:27

Palms = victory Rev.7:9

Pale horse = death Rev.6:8

Paradise = Heaven Luke 23:43; 2 Co.12:4

Passover = Christ Jesus 1 Co.5:7

Pearl of great price = the church (born again believers) Mt.13:46

Pearls = Gospel; Godís Word Mt.7:6

Persecuted woman = Israel Rev.12:13

Physician = Christ Jesus Mt.9:12; Luke 4:23

Pleasant plant = men of Judah Is.5:7

Perfection of beauty = Christ Jesus Lam.2:15

Polished shaft (arrow) = Christ as judgment to those who donít believe Is.49:2

Precious jewels = Jews Mal.3:17

Priest = Christ Jesus Heb.2:17; 3:1; 4:14

Priests = born again believers 1 Pet.2:9; Rev.1:6; 5:10

Prince of life = Christ Jesus Acts 3:15

Prince of princes = Christ the Messiah Dan.8:25

Prince of this world = the devil John 12:31

Prince, the = Antichrist Dan.9:26

Prisoner of Jesus Christ = Paul and all believers Ep.3:1

Potentate = Christ Jesus 1 Tim.6:15

Potter = the Lord Is.64:8; Ro.9:21

Power of God = Christ Jesus 1 Co. 1:24

Powers = an order (class) of angels Col.1:16

Prisoners = Jews God will purify through adversity Is.49:9

Principalities = an order (class) of angels Col.1:16

Precious Stone = Christ Jesus 1 Pet.2:7

Promise, the = eternal life Tit.1:2; 1 John 2:25

Promised land = specific land promised to Abraham by God Gen.15:18; Ex.23:31; Eze.48

Prophet, the = Christ Jesus John 7:40

Prophet like Moses = Christ Jesus Deut. 18:15

Propitiation = Christ Jesus 1 John 2:2; 3:10

Purifier = Christ Jesus Mal.3:3

Quiet = those who trust and obey God Pro.1:33; 1 Pet.3:4

Rabbi = Christ Jesus John 1;38,49

Raging wild waves = apostates Is.57:20; Jude 13

Rags, filthy = our righteousness Is.64:6

Ravenous bird = Cyrus Is.46:11

Rahab = Egypt Ps.57:20; 89:10

Rainbow = Godís faithfulness Gen.9:13,14,16

Ransom = Christ Jesus Mt.20:28

Razor = Assyria Is.7:20

Reaper = Christ Jesus Rev.14:16

Reapers = angels Mt.13:39

Rebellious children = unbelievers, apostates Is.30:1,9

Rebellious house = Israel Eze.2:5

Rebellious nation = Israel Eze.2:3

Rebellious people = Israel Is.30:9; 65:2

Red = murder, wickedness, evil, sin Is.1:18; Rev.11:1

Red horse = war, bloodshed Rev.6:4

Refiner = Christ Jesus Mal.3:2

Redeemer = the Lord Is.48:17

Reins = our total psychological makeup, our minds Jer.11:20; Rev.2:23

Refuge = the Lord Ps.94:22

Rejected, by God = those who reject Jesus, His Son Heb.6:8

Rejected Stone = Christ Jesus Acts 4:11

Remnant = ALWAYS Israel, never the church Is.16:14

Rent (torn) clothing = sorrow, mourning 1 Sam.4:12; Mt.26:65

Reprobates = unbelievers, the wicked 2 Co.13:5

Resurrection = Christ Jesus John 11:25

Resurrection, first = ALL believers Rev.20:4-6

Resurrection = of all who ever lived John 5:28-29

Resurrection of damnation = ALL unbelievers,

those not written in Book of Life John 5:29; Rev.20:11-15;

Resurrection of life = ALL believers John 5:29; Rev.20:6

Reservations in Heaven = for ALL believers 1 Pet.1:4

Reservations in Hell = for ALL unbelievers Jude 13

Right hand = place of authority Heb.10:12; 12:2

Right seed = Israel Jer.2:21

Righteousness = Christ Jesus Ro.10:4; 1 Co.1:30

River of Thy pleasures = all God’s blessings Ps.36:8

River of life = eternal life Rev.22:1

Roaring lion = the devil 1 Pet.5:8

Roaring lions = rulers Zep.3:3

Roaring waves = sign of end times Luke 21:25

Robber = false shepherds, false christs John 10:1

Rock = Christ Jesus Mt.16:18; 1 Co.10:4

Rock of Israel = Christ, the Messiah 2 Sam.23:3

Rod = comfort Ps.23:4

Rod = judgment Ps.2:9

Rod = Messiah Is.11:1

Rod of iron = fury, wrath, judgment of God Rev.2:27; 19:15

Roll = scroll, God’s Word Eze.2:8-10; Rev.10:9

Root = Christ Jesus Is.53:2

Root of David = Christ Jesus Rev.22:16

Rose of Sharon = Christ Jesus Song 2:1

Sabbath = Saturday, Jews day of rest Ex.20:8; 34:21

Sackcloth = sorrow Est.4:1; Jonah 3:6

Sacrifice = Christ Jesus Heb.10:10,12

Sacrifice of praise = offering God wants most from us Heb.13:15-16

Saints = born again believers Ep.3:8,18; 4:18

Salem = Jerusalem Heb.7:1

Salt = believers Mt.5:13

Sand = abundant, much, many Gen.32:12; 41:49

Saviour = Christ Jesus Phil.3;20

Scarlet = sins, wickedness Is.1:18

Scarlet colored beast = Antichrist Rev. 17:13

Sea = many people, restless mass Is.17:12; Rev.13:1

Sea = dangerous, changeable, causes division Rev.21:1

Seal = claiming mark Rev.7:3-4; 13:17

Sealer = Holy Spirit Ep.1:13; 4:30; 2 Co.1:22

Sealer = God’s angel who seals 144,000 Jews Rev.7:2

Sealer = false prophet (2nd beast) Rev.13:16

Second beast = (bear) Media Persia Dan.7:5

Second beast = false prophet, Satan’s counterpart for the Holy Spirit Rev.13:11; 19:20

Second death = Hell Rev.20:14

Seed, bad = (tares, weeds) Satan’s children Mt.13:24,30

Seed = descendants of Abraham (Jews) Gen.12:7

Seed of Abraham = Christ Jesus Gal.3:16

Seed of falsehood = Israel Is.57:4

Seed, good = (wheat) believers Mt. 13:24,30

Seed of the woman = Christ Jesus Gen.3:15

Serpent, brass = Christ Jesus Num.21:9

Servant = Christ Jesus John 13:4-5

Servant = Israel Is.44:21

Servants of corruption = false teachers 2 Pet.2:19

Seven = sacred number to Jews. God blessed 7th day, hallowed it.

. . . Seven is the number of perfection, completeness Pro.9:1; Jud.16:13,19

Seven candlesticks = 7 churches Rev.1:20

Seven heads = 7 mountains; Rome built on 7 mountains Rev.17:9

Seven stars = 7 pastors Rev.1:20

Seven thunders = voice of God Rev.10:3-4

Seventieth week = Great Tribulation Dan.9:27

Shadow = life so short on Earth Eze.8:13

Shadow of death = an illusion; death NOT termination, but germination Ps.23:4

Shadow of Thy wings = safety, protection Ps.17:8

Shadow of the Almighty = safety, protection Ps.91:1

Shame faced thief = Israel Jer.2:26

Sharp sword = God’s Word Heb.4;12

Sharp sword = mouth of Christ Jesus Is.49:2; John 7:46; Rev.19:15

Sheaves = those who turn to the Lord after hearing the Word Ps.126:6

Sheaves = nations Mic.4:12

Sheep = ALL God’s children Ps.100:3; John 10:27

Sheep = Jewish converts John 10:3

Sheep, other = Gentile believers John 10:16

Shepherd = Christ Jesus John 10:11,14; 1 Pet.2:25

Shepherd, one = Christ Jesus Eze.34:23; 37:24

Sickle = judgment Rev.14:14

Silly dove = Ephraim (Jews) Hos.7:11

Silly women = women AND men who eagerly listen to false doctrines 2 Tim.3:6

Silver, refined = God’s Word Ps.12:6

Sinful generation = ANY generation who turn their backs on God Mk.8:38

Sinful kingdom = 10 northern tribes Am.9:8

Sinful nation = southern kingdom (Judah) Is.1:4

Six = number of the devil Rev.13:18

Six hundred sixty six, 666 = devil’s mark to be used in the Tribulation

to buy or sell anything Rev.13:16-18

Smoke = glory of God, Shekinah, theophany Ex.19:18

Smoke out of a chimney = Ephraim (Israel) Hos.13:3

Smoking firebrands = kings: Rezin and Pekah Is.7:4

Smoking flax = those who keep on in sin, end up in flames of Hell Is.42:3; Mt.12:20

Snare of his soul = a fool’s big mouth Pro.18:7

Snare of the devil = yielding to temptation 1 Tim.3:7

Snow = clean purity Is.1:18; Dan.7:9; Rev.1:14

Sodom = evil, wickedness Rev.11:8

Soldier = believer 2 Tim.2:3-4

Son of the bondwoman = born of the flesh Gen.16:15; Gal.4:22,30

Son of David = Christ Jesus Mt.1:1

Son of the freewoman = born of God’s promise Gen.17:19; Gal.4:22,30-31

Son of God = Christ Jesus Mt.14:33;1 John 5:10

Son of man = Christ Jesus Mt.18:11

Son of Mary = Christ Jesus Mt.1:18

Son of the morning = Lucifer Is.14:12

Son of the Most High God = Christ Jesus Mk.5:7

Son of perdition = the Antichrist 2 Thes.2:3

Sons of God = born again believers John 1:12-13

Sons of Light = believers Luke 16:8

Sow (pig, hog) = false teachers, apostates 2 Pet.2:22

Sower of good seed = the Son of man Mt.13:37

Sower of tares (weeds) - the devil Mt.13:39

Space = time Jam.5:17; Rev.2:21

Spoil = all humanity Is.53:12

Spoiled treasure = Israel Hos.13:15

Springs = heart, roots Ps.87:7

Spots = false teachers, apostates 2 Pet 2:13

Stick, one = united Israel in the future Eze. 37:16-19

Stiffnecked = hardhearted, rebellious against God Ex.33:3; Acts 7:51

Star, day = spiritual light, Christ Jesus 2 Pet,1:19

Star out of Jacob = Christ, the Messiah Num.24:17

Star of your god = idolatry Am.5:26; Acts 7:53

Stars = Jews Gen.22:17

Steadfast = believers 1 Co.15:58

Stewards = believers 1 Pet.4:10

Stone Christ Jesus Dan.2:34

Stone, corner = Christ Jesus 1 Pet.2:6

Stones = believers 1 Pet.2:5

Stony places = little earth, no depth, any trouble makes people back off Jesus Mt.13:5,20

Strange vine = idolatrous Judah Jer.2:21

Stubble = magicians, astrologers, etc. Is.47:13-14

Stumbling stone = Christ Jesus Ro.9:33; 1 Pet.2:8

Stump = kingdom taken away, but not his life Dan.4:23

Sun of righteousness = Christ Jesus Mal.4:2

Swift dromedary (camel in heat) = Judah Jer.2:23

Sword = Word of God Ep.6:17; Heb.4:12; Rev.1:16

Take up thy cross = deny self; always put Jesus first in all things Mt.16:24

Tares = false doctrine Mt.13:38

Teacher = Christ Jesus John 3:2

Temple = Body of Christ John 2:19

Temple = God’s House, used only in reference to Israel Ezra 4:1

Temple, holy = Christ’s church Ep.2:21-22

Temple of God = all believers 1 Co.3:16-17

Tender Plant = Christ Jesus Is.53:2

Ten servants = some faithful, some not Luke 19:12-13

Ten virgins = some wise, some foolish Mt.25:1

That day = the Great Tribulation Luke 21:34

Thief = false shepherds John 10:1

Third beast = Greece Dan.7:6

Third heaven = where God is 2 Co.12:2

Three bunches of hair = prophecy of what will happen to Jews Eze.5:1-4

Three servants = some faithful, some not Mt.25:14-15

Three supper guests invited = excuses used to reject Jesus Luke 14:16-24

Threshing floor = judgment of God Mic.4:12

Thistle = Judah 2 K.14:9

Throne of God = universal sovereignty, power; rulership supreme Rev.4:2

Throne of the Lord = Jerusalem in the future Jer.3:17

Thunders = judgment of God Rev.16:18

Time = one year Dan.7:25

Time, times, and the dividing of times = 3 1/2 years Dan.7:25

Time of Jacob’s trouble = the Great Tribulation Jer.30:4-7

Time of the end = the Great Tribulation Dan.12:9

Time of trouble such as never was = the Great Tribulation Dan.12:1

Tongues as of fire = Holy Spirit Acts 2:3

Torn clothing = sorrow, mourning, grief 1 Sam.4:12; Mt.26:65

Tree = false Christendom Mt.13:31-32

Tree = man, nation, political power Dan.4:10,20

Tree of life = assures us of abundant, eternal life in Heaven Rev.22:2

Tree, olive = Israel Ho.14:6; Ro.11:17-21

Trees of righteousness = Israel Is.61:3

Tribulation = Daniel’s 70th week Mt.24:21-29

True = God Ro.3:4

True = Christ Jesus Rev.19:11

True bread = Christ Jesus John 6:32

True light = Christ Jesus John 1:9

True riches = anything you do for God Luke 16:11

True vine = Christ Jesus John 15:1

Troubled sea = wicked ones Is.57:20

Two baskets of figs = Jews Jer.24:1

Two olive trees = anointed ones Zec.4:3,14

Two sticks = Israel, divided Eze.37:16-17

Unction = Holy Spirit 1 John 2:20

Ungodly = unbelievers Jude 15

Unholy = unbelievers 2 Pet.3:2

Unmovable = taking a stand for Christ AND staying there 1 Co.15:58

Unperfect = all humanity Ps.139:16

Unprofitable = sinners Ro.3:12

Unprofitable servant = those unfaithful to Jesus Mt.25:30

Unpunished = NO unbeliever will go unpunished, ALL will be judged Pro.11:21

Unquenchable fire = Hell Mt.3:12

Unrighteous = unbelievers 1 Co.6:9

Unruly evil = tongue Jam.3:8

Unspotted = not compromising with the world Jam.1:27

Unthankful = unbelievers 2 Tim.3:2

Unwise = those who don’t accept who and what God is Deut.32:6

Unstable souls = false teachers, apostates 2 Pet.2:14

Unturned half-baked cake = Ephraim, halfhearted Ho.7:8

Vapour = life is short Jam.4:14

Valley of dry bones = all Israel Eze.37:1-11

Vessel = believers 2 Co.4:7

Vessel, chosen = the apostle Paul Acts 9:13

Vessels of mercy = chosen ones, believers Ro.9:23

Vessels of wrath = Jews, unbelievers Ro.9:22

Vials = judgment in the Tribulation period Rev.15:1-16:21

Victory, over sin and death = only through Jesus 1 Co.15:54-57

Vine = Christ Jesus John 15:1

Vine = Israel Is.5:2

Vine = those following Antichrist Rev.14:18-19

Vineyard of the Lord of hosts = Israel Is.5:7

Vipers = those who reject Christ; Jews and Gentiles Mt.12:34

Visitation = judgment Jer.8:12

Wandering stars = apostates Jude 13

Walk with God = earnestly desiring to be rid of all sin, trusting God 100% Gen.5:22,24

Watchman = true prophet Eze.3:17

Water = God’s Word John 3:5; Ep.5:26

Water = Holy Spirit John 7:38-39

Water of affliction = troubles, hard times Is.30:20

Water of life = Christ Jesus John 4:14; Rev.22:17

Waters = people Jer.47:2; Is.17:12; Rev.17:15

Waters of Shiloh = salvation Is.8:6

Waterless clouds = false teachers, apostates Jude 13

Waterless wells = false teachers, apostates 2 Pet.2:17

Waves of the sea = the righteous Is.48:18

Way, the = Christ Jesus John 14:6

Way, this = early Christianity Acts 9:2

Wayside = hardhearted hearers of the Gospel who don’t understand

and don’t want to understand Mt.13:19

Wedding feast = salvation Mt.22:2-3

Wedding guests = Israel (Jews) Mt.22:4-6

Wedding garment = righteousness of Christ Mt.22:11-12

Well beloved = Christ Jesus Mt.3:17

Wells of salvation = abundance Is.12:13

Wells without water = false teachers, apostates 2 Pet.2:17

Wheat = believers Mt.13:29-30

White = purity Rev.6:11; 15:6

White horse = deception of Antichrist Rev.6:2

White horse = final victory of Christ Rev.19:11

White raiment = purity achieved through Christ Rev.3:18; 19:8

White stone = rewards Rev.2:17

Whited sepulchers = Jews; but it’s all who reject Christ Mt.23:27

Whoredoms = spiritual adultery (idolatry) Num.14:33; 2 K.9:22

Whore, great = the so-called church that’s left after the Rapture Rev.17:1; 19:2

Whoremongers = false prophets leading people away from God 1 Tim.1:10; Heb.13:4

Wicked one = Antichrist 1 John 2:13

Wicked, that = Antichrist 2 Thes.2:8

Wife = Israel Is.54:1

Wife = born again believers (true church) Rev.21:9

Wild ass = Judah Jer.2:24

Wild grapes = Israel Is.5:2

Wild olive tree = Gentiles Ro.11:17

Willful king = Antichrist Dan.9:26; 11:36

Wind = Holy Spirit John 3:8; Acts 2:1-2

Winds of heaven = storm, turmoil Dan.7:2

Winepress = judgment Is.63:3; Rev.14:19

Wings = protection, safety Ps.17:8; 63:7

Wisdom of God = Christ Jesus 1 Co.1:24

Witnesses = Israel Is.44:8

Wolves = false prophets Mt.7:15; Acts 20:29

Wolves, evening = crooked judges Zep.3:3

Woman = Israel Rev.12:1

Woman, drunken = great harlot, apostate church Rev.17:6

Wonder = sign Rev.12:1

Wonderful = Christ Jesus Is.9:6

Word = Christ Jesus John 1:1

Word = fire Jer.23:29

Word of God = Christ Jesus Rev.19:13

Words in thy mouth = fire Jer.5:14

Word, washing of = purifying Ep.5:26

Worm = Christ Jesus Ps.22:6

Wormwood = bitterness Rev.8:11

World = system controlled by Satan 1 John 2:15

Wrong = any sin or abomination against God Col.3:25

Years, 1000 = as one day to God 2 Pet.3:8

Years, 1000 = millennium Rev. 20:2-7

Yoke = burden of sin or law, or trying to get to Heaven without Jesus Mt.11:28-30

Yoked together with unbelievers = if you are a Christian, DON’T

marry an unbeliever 2 Co.6:14

Young lions = Assyria Jer.2:15

Young lions = Israel Nahum 2:13

Young men = immature Christians 1 John 2:13

Youthful lusts = pre-Christian conduct 2 Tim.2:22

Youths = little understanding or wisdom Pro.7:7

Zeal of God = Jews eager interest for God, but they rejected the Messiah Ro.10:2

Zealous = enthusiastic, on fire for the Lord Rev.3:19

Zion = Jerusalem Is.2:3

Zion (Sion) = Heaven Heb.12:22


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