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We serve our LORD and Master willingly with faith, love, honor and gratitude. We appreciate and thank Him for all He's done for us.

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Parables of Christ

A "parable" is a simple, yet obscure story or saying that illustrates a lesson.

In One Gospel Only


The Barren Fig Tree        Luke 13

The Dragnet                     Mat.13

The Friend at Midnight       Luke 11

The Good Samaritan          Luke 10

The Good Shepherd           John 10

The Fine Pearl                   Mat.13

The Great Supper              Luke 14

The Hidden Treasure         Mat.13

The Householder               Mark 13

The Laborers in the Vineyard   Mat. 20

The Marriage Feast for King’s Son   Mat. 22

The Pharisee and Tax-collector    Luke 18

The Pieces of Money                  Luke 15

The Pounds                               Luke 19

The Prodigal Son                       Luke 15

The Rich Fool                           Luke 12

The Rich Man and Lazarus         Luke 16

The Seed Growing in Secret        Mark 4

The Sheep and Goats                 Mat. 25

The Tares                                 Mat.13

The Ten Talents                        Mat.25

The Ten Virgins                        Mat. 25

The Two Debtors                      Luke 7

The Two Sons                           Mat.21

The Unjust Judge                       Luke 18

The Unjust Steward                   Luke 16

The Unmerciful Servant              Mat.18

The Unprofitable Servants          Luke 17

The Wedding Feast                    Luke 12

The Wise Steward                      Luke 12

In Two Gospels

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

The House on the Rock                 Mat..7; Luke 6

The Yeast                                     Mat..13; Luke 13

The Lost Sheep                             Mat..18; Luke 15

In Three Gospels

New Cloth                         Mat.9; Mark 2;  Luke 5

New Wine in Old Wineskins     Mat.9; Mark 2; Luke 5

The Fig Tree                         Mat.24; Mark 13; Luke 21

The Mustard Seed                 Mat.13;  Mark 4;  Luke 13

The Sower                           Mat.13;  Mark 4;  Luke 8

The Wicked Farmer               Mat.21;  Mark 12;  Luke 20

The Rich Young Ruler           Mat.19;  Mark 10;  Luke 18


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The BIBLE has the answer