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We serve our LORD and Master willingly with faith, love, honor and gratitude. We appreciate and thank Him for all He's done for us.

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Death, Then What?

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OSAS, Once Saved, Always Saved


Is Jesus Really God?







Is There a Hell? Is there a 'lake of fire'?


YES! There is a Hell! Yes! There is a Lake of Fire!


Some things we should consider:

Prophecies Happening Today

Things Concerning This Life On Earth

This Life We Live

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Welcome to our Web Site

We here at His Servants' Ministry, teach the whole Truth of God's Holy Word. We teach God's goodness and mercy and Heaven; but we also teach God's righteous wrath and judgment to come and an eternal HELL, a Lake of Fire.

Many of our articles are linked to other Christian web sites. We do not always agree 100% with everything these sites say, but as a rule, they have the same basic beliefs that we do.

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???Is Jesus REALLY God???

Is Jesus God??


Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount

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??Death, Then What??

??Where Will I Go??

??Is There Really Life After Death??

??Will There Really Be Judgment??

??What Happens After Death??

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Hard or Confusing Verses in the Bible

1 Cor.3:13-25, What Motivates Us?

1 Cor.Chapter 5, Should the Church Judge?

1 John 3:9 . . . God's Child Cannot Sin . . . ??

1 John 5:4-5, Overcoming by Faith

1 John 5:16 . . . A Sin Unto Death?

1 John 5:18-20 . . . Those Born of God, sinneth Not!

1 Thes.5:23, Man's Trinity

2 Cor.2:14-17, Savour of Death, Savour of Life

2 Peter2:20-22 . . . False Professors

2 Thes.2:10-12, Those Left Behind

Col.3:12-17, How Believers are to Live

Daniel 7:13-14, Christ in His Glory

Daniel 9:24-27, Daniel's 70 Weeks

Ecclesiastes 9:5-10, No Soul Sleep

Genesis 3:15, Seed of the Woman

Genesis 6:1-2, Sons of God

Hebrews 6:4-9, Can a TRUE Christian Fall From Grace?

Hebrews 10:26, Do NOT Reject Christ

Isaiah 53:4-5, By His Stripes We Are Healed!

John 6:47-58, Eating the Flesh and Blood of Jesus

John 15:1-6, Unfruitful Branches Burned?

Mark 3:28-29, The Unpardonable Sin?

Matthew Chapter 13, Mystery Parables of Jesus

Matthew 16:19, Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 5:48, Being Perfect

Matthew 7:21-23, NOT Everyone Goes to Heaven

Matthew 7:6, Cast Not Your PearlsBefore Swine!

* * * * Matthew 22:36-40, Believers' TWO Commandments * * * *

Matthew 23:1330, Woes of Hypocrites

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There absolutely IS a literal HELL.
You do NOT want to go there!


?How Can i bwe Saved?

Hell, Abraham's Bosom

Hell, Botomless Pit

Hell, Hades

?Hell, What Is It Really Like?

Hell, WHO Goes There?

Is There Really a Hell?

Hell, the Lake of Fire

Poems About Hell

The Soul IS Eternal!

We Who bring the Gospel

What Happens to Souls?

What Is Hell Like?

Will God Really Judge Our Sin?

Would God Really Send me To Hell?

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Things that will happen in the future

End Times


End Times Events

God's Holy Wrath

Judgment Seat of Christ

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Rapture, Second Coming of Christ

Tribulation, What?

Tribulation, Why?

What Happens to Souls?

Will Christ Jesus Be Judge?

?Will God Judge Sin?

WHO Controls What You Buy and Sell?

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BEWARE of doctrines that are NOT Biblical!

False Doctrines




Errors About Angels

False Vs True Teaching

False Teaching`


Jehovah's Witnesses

Lies About Christianity

??Religion oR Christ??

Word Faith Heresies

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False Christs, False Teachers, False Doctrines

Baptismal Regeneration

Budding Emergent Church

Calvinism vs Arminianism

Catholics Are WRONG!

Charismatic Tongues

?Christian Masons?

False Teachers

False Teachers, WHY?



??Judging False Teachers??

Limited Atonement

Lordship Salvation

Oneness Heresy Refuted

Pentecostals Exposed

?Pluralism, Universalism?

Social Gospel

Word-Faith Heresies

Word-Faith, Is It Healthy?

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BEWARE!!! Satan is hard at work!!!

False, Corrupt Easy-to-Read Bibles

Many Verses Completely Omitted

Ascension of Chrit Jesus

Atonement of Christ Corrupted

Example of Distortions

Gospel of Christ Jesus Corrupted

Incarnation of Christ Jesus Corrupted

Deity of Christ Jesus Corrupted

Justification Is By Christ Jesus ALONE!

Man is Exalted

MANY Corrupt Bibles!

MANY Distorted bibles

Many Perverted Bibles

Masculine Deity Corrupted




Resurrection of Christ Jesus Corrupted

Scripture is True

Sin is Lessened

Trinity, Godhead Distorted

Virgin Birth Corrupted

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God loves her, we must love her too!


Israel's Ten Failures

Israel, These Bones Shall Live

??Israel, Did She Kill Jesus??

Israel, God Is Faithful to Her!

Israel, Hating Israel is a Sin!

Israel, the Promised Land

Israel, the Sabbath

Israel, Their Tribes

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Let us honor and glorify Him Always!


A GIFT, Unequaled

All Fullness of Christ

The Death of Jesus

Eyes on Jesus

Face to Face

Forgiveness From God

Jesus' Agony

Jesus, the ONLY Way!

Living Water

Messianic Prophecies

??Why Did Jesus Have to Die??

WHO Crucified Christ??

??WHO IS Christ??


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The Bible has the answers to most of your questions. Simply . . . Open and Read!!!

Questions Answered

Can I Be Assured of My Salvation?

Can I Trust God?



?How can I Stop Worrying?

??In Christ??

?Is God Not Listening?

Must I Tithe?

??Once Saved, Always Saved??

Your Past, What to do With It!

??Pictures of Christ??

The Ten Commandments?

What Is Decipleship?

What Is Light?

Who Is Satan?

Why Baptism?

Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Why Do Marriages Fail?

Why Does God Send People to Hell?

Why Does God Seem So Far Away?

What Is The Worst Sin To God?

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

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OSAS . . . Eternal Security? OR A License To Sin?

??Do Christians Have a License to Sin??

A License to Sin Poems

OSAS, A License to Sin is Stupidity!

Biblical Repentance

Dake's Damnable Heresies

Dan Corner'sDamnable Heresies

Did Jesus Die, To Give Us a License to Sin?

Do Sins Have to Be Forgiven To Be Saved?

Is Eternal Life, A License to Sin?

False Believers

God Does NOT Approve of His Children Sinning!

God's Grace is NO License to Sin!

Hypocrisy Runs Wild!

IF I AM Forgiven, Why Not Sin?

Is Eternal Security Really a License to Sin?

The Lord Jesus Died for the Ungodly!

My Opinion On This Matter

Root? or Fruit? of a Believer's Faith?

Scripture Verses Confirming OSAS!

Turn FROM Sin, to Be Saved!

WE ALL Sin, Every Day!

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The ONE and ONLY TRUE God!

Our Holy God

Describing God

Father, Son Covenants

God's Home

"I AM" Statements of Jesus

JESUS, the Great "I AM"

Our Triune God

Praise and Thanksgiving

?What Did Jesus Do For Us?

Who Is God?

Who Is Jesus?

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Who Is Your Master?

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Jesus looks at things differently than we do!

Sermon on the Mount

Sermon on the Mount, Ch.5

Sermon on the Mount, Ch.6

Sermon on the Mount, Ch.7

Sermon on the Mount, Summary

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Are YOU Making Right Decisions?

This Life


Alternative Lifestyles


Being Humble

. . . BLTO. . .




Fear of Falling


Homosexual Sin

Lusting After Riches

Moral Decay Rampant

Perils of Departing

Russian Roulette With Your Soul!

Same Sex Marriage

Satan's Work

Sin's Consequences

Submission and Servanthood

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The BIBLE has the answer