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The number of suicides increasing

More people are killed by suicide than by automobile accidents. Even with all the blessings, prosperity and opportunities we enjoy in this country, many people suffer from such overwhelming situations that they decide to end it all by taking their own lives. Depression is often the cause, yet even with all the doctors and medication, the suicide rate continues to rise. Countless people are living on the edge of life and death, overwhelmed by despair, hopelessness, and loneliness. Depression is severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy and sadness.

Christians need to be sensitive to the people around us. Many joke about suicide or threaten to kill themselves. If this happens around us, we must take them seriously because they may be in the beginning stages of putting their thoughts into action.

Why do people commit suicide? We need to understand the why people choose to take their own lives.

#1. Commitment to a cause. An example would be a suicide bomber who believes he’s doing what pleases God, and as a result, expects to be ushered into paradise.

#2. Love pact. Sometimes when a couple has been together for many years, and one of them becomes terminally ill, they may decide to end their lives together rather than face the prospect of living without one another.

#3. Meaningless life. When someone feels there is no purpose in life, they may not want to live.

#4. Feelings of hopelessness. When someone cannot see any way a bad situation will ever get better, they may think the only way out is death.

#5.  Physical pain. Those who suffer from prolonged and unbearable pain may decide they cannot take it anymore. They feel like the only way to end the pain is to die.

#6. Emotional pain. Feelings of betrayal, rejection and isolation could lead some people to give up on life.

#7. Vengeance. When a person feels betrayed or rejected by another, he may kill himself in an attempt to punish the other person. 

WHO is affected by suicide?
#1.     The person. Clearly, the one who kills himself is affected because his life ends.
#2.     The family. Spouses, children, and parents are devastated when someone they love commits suicide. Many times they do not understand what motivated it and are left wondering if they did anything wrong or could have done something to prevent it.
#3.     The community. The pain of suicide reaches beyond the family to others who might have known the victim.

What is the Biblical perspective on suicide?

Exodus 20:13  Thou shalt not kill. (KJV) . . . Since the sixth commandment clearly tells us we are NOT to commit murder, those who kill themselves have disobeyed the Lord. Even though, to my knowledge, the Bible records six instances of suicide (Judg.16:29-30; 1 Sam.31:4-5; 1 Chron.10:4-5; 2 Sam.17:23; 1 Ki.16:18; Mat.27:5; Acts 1:18), the Bible in NO way condones it.

Suicide is a wrong form of escape. The main reason for suicide is to escape pain or difficulty.

#1. It is expresses unbelief in God. A person who ends his own life does not believe God will help him through his problem. A person who commits suicide is not a TRUE Christian.

#2. It indicates that the Lord is not loving or faithful. Although God’s character and Promises never change, those who kill themselves are claiming that He was NOT faithful to help them sufficiently.

#3. It expresses ingratitude to God. Life is a gift from the Lord, and the one who cuts it short does NOT appreciate that gift and all the wonderful plans God had for his life.

#4. It expresses self-hatred. Anyone who takes his own life shows that he does not like himself.

#5. It usurps God’s power. Only Almighty God has the right to determine life and death. Any time a person kills himself, he is assuming God’s authority. In addition, that person misses all that God wanted to do in his life. God’s purpose for allowing trouble and pain is to purify, correct, and teach . . . never to destroy. God does not want anyone to run from suffering and hardship, but to stand firm in it and learn by it.  Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (KJV)  

#6. It expresses selfishness. Those who take their own lives think only about themselves, never thinking of their loved ones who will be left behind to deal with the pain, confusion and shame.

#7. Suicide hurts the cause of Christ. If a believer commits suicide, the unbelievers in the world will conclude that his God would not help him, or could not help him.

Is suicide the unpardonable sin? There is an unforgivable sin (Mat.12:31-32), but it is NOT suicide. Since the Holy Spirit is the One who convicts a person of sin, reveals the Truth of the Gospel, and helps him believe in Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour, anyone who continually rejects the Spirit’s promptings CANNOT be saved. That is the unforgivable sin . . . not suicide. A TRUE Christian who kills himself will still go to Heaven; but he will lose eternal rewards (1 Cor.3:13-15) he could have had because of his action. It is true, that sometimes the pain and suffering in this life is difficult to bear, but trying to escape the situation through suicide is stupid!

Every TRUE believer needs to develop an eternal mind-set because one day we all will stand before the Lord Jesus as our Judge, to give an account for our lives. That’s why we must fill our minds with God’s Word. God will NEVER lead us astray! Without a firm foundation in our faith in Christ Jesus, we are absolutely powerless to handle all that life throws at us.

How can Christians help those who consider suicide?
Since suicide is so widespread, we as believers should know what to say to help those who are considering this tragic option. Remind them of the following truths:
#1. God knows all about their situations, and He is faithful to help them through it.
#2. The Lord is willing to walk with them day by day through their pain, disappointment, or loneliness.
#3. They must invite Jesus into their lives as their personal Lord and Saviour. Jesus loves them! He is willing to forgive all their sins and become their friend and partner in life, helping them through the difficult pain they are suffering.

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