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Any words in red, bold italics in the following articles are Jesus’ words, in the KJV of the Bible, which I consider to be the TRUE Bible. For those people who are familiar only with the newer, easier to read bibles, please take caution. These newer versions may be "easier to understand" but, you most likely are "understanding" something that may NOT true. This is the humble opinion of this servant of the Lord.

MANY Corrupt, Perverted Bibles

ALL Modern Bible Versions Are Corrupted!
ALL Modern Bible Versions Are Dangerous!


Psalm 12:6-7 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. [7] Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. (KJV)

The Holy Word of God is the most precious Treasure in the world . . . next to Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord. In today's world, the church is headed the wrong way! Why? One reason is these modern perverted versions of what "Christians" call "bibles" today. Another reason is the idolatrous, money hungry publishers who publish "bibles" AND ungodly trash like "The Joy of Gay Sex." Yet another reason is greedy preachers (wolves in sheep's clothing) preaching what people want to hear, instead of what people NEED to hear (1 Tim.4:1-2; 2 Tim.4:1-4). The wealth of some of these unmerciful pigs is staggering! They preach the ungodly heresy of Word Faith . . . Name it claim it! Seed Faith . . . in other words "Give me your money and God will repay you." PLEASE stay away from these unfeeling monsters. For the wealth of some of them, see our other web site: http://www.worldlychaos.org/w_c_cults_rich_preachers.1.htm

We must also realize that the Bible is under attack by old Satan. He started with his first "revised" edition of God's Word to Eve in the Garden, and he has NOT stopped since!

There is a "population explosion" and scientific knowledge certainly has exploded, but we are also in the middle of an ungodly "Bible translation explosion." Today's market is flooded with who knows how many of these new, modern, supposedly easy to read bible translations, versions, revisions and paraphrases. And they ALL claim to be the "most accurate," or "most readable" or the "most up-to-date." The publishing and sale of these new bibles a highly profitable business. So many professing "Christians" think these bible versions are wonderful. But IF you are a TRUE child of God, you MUST check these counterfeits out by the Holy Word of God (Acts 17:11). You are in great danger of the devil leading you where you do not want to go! HELL!

So, you ask: "Which Bible is the real Bible, the TRUE Word of God?"

2 Cor. 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. (KJV) The Holy Spirit of God is clearly warning against the "many which corrupt the word of God."

It's happening my friend! Right in front of you! Attempts to corrupt the Word of God have existed through the centuries. But most people today fail to see what is taking place before our very eyes. The purpose of the articles in this web site is to share with Christians, some information I have found while studying this important subject.

The invention of the printing press and the Protestant Reformation made it possible for the translation and publication of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible in 1611. From then until now, this wonderful Book of God and its subsequent translation into every known major language in the world has changed the course of history and we enjoy its benefits today.

Late in the 19th Century, Satan and his cohorts set out to destroy the Church by undermining its very foundation, the Bible. The rush toward new versions was on and though the early progress was slow, we are seeing the results today.

English Revised Version (ERV) (1885)
American Standard Version (ASV) (1901)
The first full-scale frontal attack on the Word of God came with the publication of the ERV in 1885, and its counterpart, the ASV in 1901. Only a few voices of protest were raised. Most staunch defenders of the faith of that day were seemingly unaware that the ASV differed from the KJV in over 36,000 places or that the Greek text underlying the translation of the ASV (the Westcott-Hort Text) differed from the Textus Receptus (underlying the KJV) in over 5,700 instances. Maybe it was because the Fundamentalists were too busy battling the modernists' infiltration of seminaries and churches; or maybe it was due because the ASV never really found great acceptance publicly. It was not until the publication of the Revised Standard Version (RSV) in 1946 and 1952 that many Fundamentalists began to see just how effectively a new bible version or translation could be used to pervert the truth.

Revised Standard Version (RSV) (1946, 1952)
Some of God's TRUE people finally woke up when the Revised Standard Version was published in 1952. This version, supposedly a revision of the ASV of 1901, OMITTED the word virgin in the prophecy of Christ's birth in Isaiah 7:14. It was also copyrighted by the apostate National Council of Churches. Protests were heard far and wide! BUT, sad to say, most failed to recognize that some of the same changes they found so objectionable in the RSV were also true of the ASV. The uproar over the RSV finally died down. But the RSV was the version that paved the way for ALL future perversions of the Scriptures. People had simply accepted the changes in the Bible, changes dictated by modern scholarship. At least the RSV left the word virgin in the New Testament references to the birth of Christ. It remained until the Good News Bible GNB removed it in BOTH the Old and New Testaments.

Good News For Modern Man (GNB) (1966)
Good News Bible (GNB) (1976)
When the first edition of Good News For Modern Man (The New Testament in Today's English) was published in 1966, the word virgin appeared in all the texts in Matthew and Luke referring to the birth of Christ. But, when the 2nd and 3rd editions were published and then the entire Good News Bible was published in 1976, the word virgin was completely GONE Luke 1:27. Also, the Blood of Christ, a most important and precious word and theme, was lacking in many key New Testament references. It was replaced by "death" or "costly sacrifice," NOT what the Holy Spirit gave in the original text. The heretical views of the main translator, Dr. Robert Bratcher, help to explain the many places in which the Deity of Christ is played down or omitted. The Good News Bible is one of the worst versions, yet it has been distributed by the millions, largely due to endorsements by Billy Graham, Bill Bright and other evangelical leaders.

The Living Bible (TLB) (1967, 1971)
This is neither a translation nor a version; it is a paraphrase. The Living Bible, praised by Billy Graham and other New Evangelical leaders, has reached a publication figure of 37 million copies and has made its author, Ken Taylor, a wealthy man. It is VERY readable, BUT at the expense of Truth in so many places. Taylor admits that the principle he worked from was not a "word-for-word" translation but rather a "thought-for-thought" paraphrase which he called, "dynamic equivalence." Taylor said he worked for the most part from the ASV of 1901, a corrupt translation to begin with. The Living Bible completely eliminates important and precious words and truths as grace ( John 1:17; Acts 4:33, 15:11, 20:24; Rom. 3:24; 2 Cor. 9:8; Eph.2:8-9; Jude 4) and repentance (Mat.9:13; Acts 17:30). "Honor" is substituted for "begotten" in Acts 13:33, Heb.1:5; 5:5. Significant changes are made regarding such matters as creation in Gen.1:1-2 and a prophecy of Christ in Zech.13:6. The meaning of Rom.8:28 is changed completely. Vulgar language is used in John 9:34, 11:39 and 2 Kings 18:27. The language of 1 Samuel 20:30 in early editions of TLB shocked many but it has now been softened. The author has left the door open for further suggestions, corrections and clarifications. With this in mind, just what will future editions contain?

New American Standard Version (NASV) (1960, 1971)
The NASV was supposed to be the Bible for conservatives, Evangelicals and Fundamentalists. What happened? The foreword states that the NASV "has been produced with the conviction that the words of Scripture as originally penned in the Hebrew and Greek were inspired of God." The basic problem with this translation, however, is revealed in this statement: "This translation follows the principles used in the American Standard Version 1901 known as the Rock of Biblical Honesty." Who gave the ASV such a ridiculous and erroneous title? It is stated: "In revising the ASV, consideration was given to the latest available manuscripts with a view to determining the best Greek text. In most instances the 23rd edition of the Nestle Greek New Testament was followed." This is the major problem with the modern Bible versions . . . most are patterned after the corrupted Westcott-Hort Greek Text rather than the Textus Receptus. The word virgin does appear in Isaiah 7:14, but a footnote says, "or, young woman". . . no doubt reaching out to the liberals. Verses like Matthew 18:11 and Matthew 23:14 appear in brackets with a footnote saying, "most ancient manuscripts omit this verse" or, "this verse is not found in earliest manuscripts." There are some parts of verses left out with NO explanation whatsoever, such as Colossians 1:14 and 1 Timothy 6:5. It is sad indeed to see so many conservatives pushing this version and criticizing the KJV.

New International Version (NIV) ( 1973, 1978)
Like the NASV, the NIV was produced by those who are say they "hold a high view of Scripture." Sponsored by the New York Bible Society, they admitted the NIV translators represent a "broad spectrum in evangelical Christianity" and the list of names confirms the broadness of the spectrum. NIV is NOT a revision of a previous version, the preface says, "It is a completely new translation made by many scholars working directly from the Greek." The Greek text used is an "eclectic one," that is, the translators mixed different texts supposedly in "accord with sound principles of textual criticism." BUT, they did NOT state what those principles were . . . and much of the undermining of the Scripture has been done on the supposed basis of "sound principles of textual criticism." When you examine the text, you can't help but find that the NIV leaves out MANY of the same verses and portions that the ASV and the NASV also omit. These new 'so-called' bibles omit complete verses! Even the verse number is missing and only a small letter refers to a footnote of supposed explanation. One critic of the New International Version, correctly stated: "words are dropped out; words are added; and key words are often changed." Yet, the same criticism MUST also be raised concerning ALL these new modern bibles. The deletion and/or addition of words also applies to ALL the other modern versions.

New King James Version (NKJV) (1979,1982)
The NKJV translators claim to have "preserved the authority and accuracy" and "improved the purity and beauty" of the original KJV. I disagree that the "purity and beauty" have been improved. Although the NKJV uses the underlying Textus Receptus Greek text, the translators repeatedly use marginal notes to reference the Modem Critical Text upon which all of the modem versions are based. The NKJV perverts text the same as all the other 'new' versions. And too, changes in the text are made which simply are not needed. In the NKJV, there are 22 omissions of "hell", 23 omissions of "blood", 44 omissions of "repent", 50 omissions of "heaven", 51 omissions of "God", and 66 omissions of "Lord". The terms "devils", "damnation", "JEHOVAH", and "new testament" are completely omitted.

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) ( l990)
The NRSV is the latest product of ecumenical scholarship and will soon replace the RSV, thus helping to fill the financial bank account of the apostate National Council of Churches which holds the copyrights on both the RSV and NRSV. Translated by liberal Protestant, Catholic and Jewish scholars, and completely eliminating so-called sexist language, the NRSV with the Apocrypha, has already received the Imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church and may well become the ecumenical Bible of the future.

The New Living Translation (NLT) (1996) is straight from Hell. On their web site, NLT states: "Accuracy you can trust." BUT, the NLT is NOT accurate. The fact that the word "begotten" has been removed from John 3:16 should be enough reason for every Christian to trash their NLT. To say that Jesus is God's "only son" is a lie! In fact, God has many sons according to Scriptures such as 1 John 3:1, "Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God." Biblically, God has MANY sons, but Jesus is the only BEGOTTEN Son. So ANY bible that removes the word "begotten" from John 3:16 becomes heresy. This includes MOST modern bibles such as the perverted New International Version (NIV), The Book For Teens (TBFT), the New Living Translation (NLT), the New Believer's Bible (NBB), the Living Bible (LB), and many more. What a tragedy!
Let's face it, the corrupters who are publishing demonic bibles are all out to make a fast buck, filthy lucre! In order to reach the largest market base possible, they trim and water down the Scriptures as much as tolerable. This is evil. God hates Bible corruption --Deuteronomy 4:2, "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you." Well, the NLT butchers have diminished God's Word by subtracting "begotten" from John 3:16.

Few Christians realize that there have been over 200 new Bible translations published just within the last 30 years. It's obvious that this evil is the result of love of money (1 Tim. 6:10). The NLT is based upon Kenneth N. Taylor's corrupted Living Bible (1971). His perverted Living Bible sold over 40 million copies in North America alone. Taylor died in June of 2005 at age 88. It is wicked to corrupt the Word of God (2 Peter 3:16). Now comes the damnable New Living translation. Although the NLT preface claims that 87 scholars were involved in the word of translation, I have to ask: Did any of them love the Lord Jesus?

Modern bible translations must be politically correct in order to sell. So, the world plunges further into the depths of wickedness and apostasy, and new translations must follow along if they are to sell. The Book For Teens bible, which is based upon the New Living Translation . . . NOT one mention is made of the precious Blood of Jesus in the section on "Salvation through Jesus Christ" (Page A47). The Blood of Jesus is a no-no nowadays amongst many pseudo-Christian groups, thanks to heretics like John MacArthur.

Billy Graham endorses the NLT on the front cover jacket. Billy Graham is Mr. ecumenical himself, who has done more to unite apostate protestants with the Great Whore of Catholicism than anyone else. 2 Cor. 6:14-17 commands us to separate from the unbelieving world . . . we are NOT to yoke up with them. Eph. 5:11 tells us to reprove the works of darkness, NOT fellowship with them. Billy Graham is on the Devil's side, a friend of the world, and the enemy of God (James 4:4). The Catholic Church is straight out of the pits of Hell and it's high time that all the TRUE preachers of God's Holy Word, all around the world start proclaiming it. Billions of souls are headed for eternal destruction because of compromising and cowardly pastors and preachers who do not want to offend anyone. See our article on Billy Graham on our other web site: http://www.worldlychaos.org/w_c_1_false_teachers_billy_graham.1.htm

Speak the TRUTH Preachers! Don't be afraid to offend them! Their souls are at stake!

Corrupted Scriptures in the New Living Translation:

Deut.23:17 - "sodomite" changed to "temple prostitute"
1 Kings 14:24 - "sodomites" replaced with "shrine prostitutes"
1 Kings 15:12 - "sodomites" replaced with "shrine prostitutes"
1 Kings 22:46 - "sodomites" replaced with "shrine prostitutes"
2 Kings 23:7 - "sodomites" replaced with "shrine prostitutes"
* Matthew 17:21 - entire verse omitted
* Matthew 18:11 - entire verse omitted
Matthew 19:9 - half of the verse is omitted
* Matthew 23:14 - entire verse omitted
Mark 6:11 - half of the verse is omitted
* Mark 7:16 - entire verse omitted
* Mark 9:44, 46 - entire verses omitted
* Mark 11:26 - entire verse omitted
* Mark 15:28 - entire verse omitted
Mark 16:9-20 - entire passage is questioned by a footnote that says, "The most reliable early manuscripts conclude the Gospel of Mark at verse 8"
Luke 4:8 - "get thee behind me Satan" is omitted
* Luke 17:36 - entire verse omitted
* Luke 23:17 - entire verse omitted
John 1:10 - says God created everything "through" Jesus instead of "by" Jesus as the KJB teaches
John 1:41 - The NLT leaves out the phrase, "Which is by interpretation, a stone." Hence, the critical distinction between Peter as "the stone" (Petros), and Jesus as "The Rock" (Petra) is obscured. This was no doubt deliberate to pleases Catholics who falsely teach that Peter is the rock upon which the church is built. The Bible states in no uncertain terms, "For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ" (1st Corinthians 3:11).
John 3:16 - the all important word "begotten" is omitted, thus denying the deity of Christ
John 3:13 - "which is in heaven" is omitted John 5:4 - entire verse omitted
John 7:53 - 8:11 -- entire passage is questioned in a note which says, "The most ancient Greek manuscripts do not include John 7:53 - 8:11"
* Acts 8:37 - entire verse omitted
Acts 17:29 - completely removes the "Godhead"
* Acts 28:29 - entire verse omitted
Romans 1:20 - completely removes the "Godhead"
* Romans 16:24 - entire verse omitted
Philippians 2:6 -removes the word "equal," thus denying Christ's deity
Colossians 1:16 - says God created everything "through" Jesus instead of "by" Jesus as the KJB teaches
Colossians 2:9 - completely removes the "Godhead"
1 Timothy 3:16 - "God" is omitted, says "Christ appeared in the flesh, thus denying the deity of Christ
1 Timothy 6:5 - "from such withdraw thyself" is omitted
Hebrews 1:3 - the all-important words "by himself" are omitted
1 Peter 4:1 - "for us" is omitted
1 Peter 4:14 - half of the verse is omitted
1 John 3:16 -completely removes "the love of God"
1 John 4:3 - the all-important words "Christ is come in the flesh" are omitted 1 John 5:7-8 -- Trinitarian clause omitted
1 John 5:7 - half of the verse is omitted, thus denying the Godhead
1 John 5:13 - half of the verse is omitted
Revelation 1:11 - first half of the verse is omitted
Revelation 5:14 - "him that liveth forever and ever" is omitted

**** Do you see just how many ENTIRE verses are completely OMITTED from the NLT? Is this "Accuracy you can trust"?

NLT perverts the Godhead!
1 John 5:7 is a vital Scripture that EVERY Christian should know. This Scripture clearly proclaims that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost are ONE. But, the NLT says otherwise...
KJB - "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one."
NLT - "So we have these three witnesses."
What blasphemy! Many Christians have bought into the lie that 1 John 5:7 wasn't in the originals . . . IT WAS! It depends on which originals you're talking about. The Textus Receptus (or received text) from which our reliable King James Bible comes DOES contain 1 John 5:7.
1 John 5:7 in the NLT greatly contradicts John 10:30...
"I and my Father are one." -John 10:30 KJB
It also contradicts Luke 3:22...
"And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased."
The NLT Bible-corrupters even removed the Godhead from Romans 1:20...
KJB - "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"
NLT - "From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God.
One of the most popular attacks that unbelievers launch against Christians is to say that the word "trinity" is not even found in the Bible. That is true! BUT, the word "Godhead" IS! (Acts 17:29; Rom.1:20; Col.2:9). BUT . . . the word "Godhead" is NOT even mentioned in the NLT. So, this is an "accurate" translation?? The New Living Translation is straight from the devil himself!

Other Recent Versions
In recent years, the number of modern bible versions has increased significantly. New versions that are based primarily upon the United Bible Societies' 4th revised edition Greek New Testament and the Nestle-Aland 27th edition Novum Testamentum Graece include the New Living Translation (NLT), the New Century Version (NCV), the Contemporary English Version (CEV) and Eugene H. Peterson's The Message. Most of these versions and translations are not only based on an inferior Greek text, but are also thought-for-thought translations (which allows for greater interpretive freedom of the text by the translators) rather than literal, word-for-word translations.

The more I have studied and researched Bible versions, the more convinced I am that many people in the ministry and many Fundamentalist leaders really have NOT taken time to look at the mountain of evidence now available that clearly reveals the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and utter confusion that comes from new translations. Many so-called 'scholars' who consider themselves to be Evangelical have been greatly influenced by the APOSTATE scholarship of the past and present.

While recognizing the extreme difficulties involved in translations of any kind and especially of a Book as important as the Bible, I am convinced that the King James Bible (KJV) has been blessed by God for hundreds of years and should be used by TRUE believers today. It is far better if we expand our vocabulary in order to understand its terms . . . than to continually rewrite the Bible to suit those who will not/cannot be able to understand it anyway unless they are born again! AND, there are so many professing Christians who are just too lazy to study. Yes! There are some English words that have changed and others are no longer commonly used. BUT, these words are comparatively few and can be easily comprehended with the help of a good dictionary. I wore out a dictionary! BUT . . . IF the word is OMITTED, then what?

Can't pastors and Christian leaders see that these bibles cause confusion? Congregational reading is virtually impossible. Memorizing Scripture is very hard. People lose confidence in the validity of God's Word when some verses are included, some are bracketed, and some are missing completely. Wise up good shepherds! Do NOT lead your flocks where "wolves" await!

I truly believe that ALL modern bible versions are dangerous and that God's people should be made aware of them. They ALL are of the devil! Where is the devil going? Mat. 25:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: (KJV) Do you want to go with him? If you love the Lord and His Word, join me in trying to alert and warn others concerning these subtle, deceiving and devastating attacks being made upon God's Holy Word.

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